Monday, March 13, 2006


Time to press the suit and polish the shoes. The Kidd and i will be traveling out to Michigan to attend the Ann Arbor Film Festival.


Blogger EKS&TRICK said...

oh skate rat.
oh benny.
you two have the same faces, and the kid looks so old.
congratulations by the way, i heard the good news ben!
hi to rashmi for me!

i miss the winking circle.
i'm so glad that i have the movie to watch here at school whenever i miss my friends.
people here are scared of beeing foolish and creative.
they tell me i'm weird and i really enjoy it.
i long for summer and crazy antics in wink world.
i'm glad that mircocosm is going to help you spread the wisdom of the three beans!
see you!
love reva

11:55 AM  

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