Friday, March 17, 2006


With the spring thaw the snow squatch seems to be drifting further north again. David spotted one at Wink World yesterday and made this rendition using his favorite medium, LEGO.


Blogger aaron timothy huizenga said...

Hokey flip. Its so good to see some news up on the adventures of the Winking Circle. You have no idea. I'm tired, thinking I've got to write a paper, thinking what the heck. I just want to net a squatch but they already get enough trouble around here. This is what the Winking Circle does for me: It reminds me that we're all rock stars in disguise. No lamo ones with scewed up lives either, but dudes who know where its at and going to go all the way. "Balls out, do or die." I want to climb some stuff just for the sake of tearing down the walls that are around us all. I want to respond to this inverted society with a long laugh. I want live outside of the normal bounderies because they should have never become normal. Its 10pm, and instead of thinking about the sogginess of what we all have to deal with at times, I'm going to go skateboarding.

10:02 PM  

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