Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Kidd and I are here in Ann Arbor despite our are car being ransacked by the US border patrol, who have mastered the art of being total dicks. The Michigan theater is gorgeous. Huge vaulted ceilings with ornate mouldings in gold. Puts today's big box theaters to shame. There's no dancedance revolution in the lobby but instead a man in a tuxedo playing the most incredible little gold organ at the front of the theater. He sits surrounded by a horseshoe of keys and paddle switches which his hands dance over, filling the theatre with vaudevillian music. We've seen some great films so far, attended workshops, are putting on a Winking Circle presentation tonight at the neutral zone (Ann Arbor's teen center) and have an interview scheduled for right now.


Blogger MAD MAX said...

scaredy cats, just scaredy catsand punksahwell such is such ant what is what. life is what it wil lbe. whay to skate it up enjoy your time.seeay

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